8U Football

  8U football is for 7 & 8 year-olds. 

8U is a competitive division.  League champions are declared in each competitive divisions and the champions continue to play and represent their league Regional Playoffs.  Regional Champions represent the region at the National Pop Warner Super Bowl played each December at the ESPN Wide World of Sports located at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida

** 2 point stance for offense and defensive linemen must be used.

** No kickoffs permitted 

Head Coach


Jay Zabawa

My family and I moved to Florida from NJ 9 years ago.  I’ve coached my older son and youngest in baseball, flag football and this is my 3rd yr coaching tackle.  I have a lovely wife Cyndi and 3 kids.  I coached high school football for about 4 yrs in NJ. Other than my family, football is my favorite thing in the world.  I believe in teaching the fundamentals and helping kids develop a passion for the game.  There are few things more rewarding then passing on knowledge and watching a kid the moment when the instruction clicks.  Seeing players finally believe in themselves and succeed is why I love coaching.